Digital Repair

Do you already own a website which needs a little love?  Is your website not working? Have you designed your own website with one of the “free” website designers and are now stuck?

Need a little help with getting your website seen on Google, Bing and all the other search engines out there?

Or is your website just plain broke?

Sliced Reality can help.  Our bespoke digital repair service is tailor made to each customers requirements with a price you can afford. 

Let Sliced Reality Help You

Thank you for finding out more about our Digital Repair Service.

Let’s be honest.  Most “free” website hosting sell you a promise of an amazing website, however in reality, the guides designed to help you actually hinder you as they are made by tech geeks for tech geeks.  

Even if you have not used a “free” website  designer, but instead you have opted to pay for a professional web designer service which has let you down we can help.

If you have ANY questions regarding our services, please CONTACT US and we will be more than happy to discuss them in more detail with you.