How much does it cost to build a website uk ?

A common question we are asked here at Sliced Reality is How much does it cost to build a website UK ?

We all know, a strong website can really make or break a business.

Did you know, that 81% of people conduct research online before purchasing a product? That is why it is so important to show your business off to the world with a responsive, and eye-catching website.

But, how much does it cost to build a website? And, where do you start?! The world of web design is full of complicated terminology, confusing processes and what appears to be confusing pricing structures.

how much does it cost website uk
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    A quick internet search will take you to site upon site offering differing concepts of web design: some, will quote high prices for services that just do not make sense! Proposals of ‘SSL’ this, and ‘bandwidth’ that – these sorts of services just are not clear enough to understand properly and describe what you are going to receive.

    Other services will boast ‘free’ website builders! Services that look good, are fairly affordable and giving you, the user, complete control over the design and layout of the website.

    But which is the best option? Should you pay over the odds for a website? Or, should you go for a ‘free’ website build, and do it yourself? How much does it really cost to build a website?

    Free Website Builders

    Let’s start with the free options available. Services such as Wix, GoDaddy, Weebly and Squarespace all offer affordable, ‘build it yourself’ website design services which for the more budget conscious users can be very appealing! We all love a bargain, right?! I hate to tell you this; but sometimes a free option can be costlier than you think! 

    What a lot of the free website builders fail to tell you up-front, is that there are a lot of hidden costs down the line that you will need to buy to make your website incredible! 

    For example, many services do not offer an SSL certificate upfront (an SSL certificate keeps your website visitors data safe and secure and can also affect your search listings too!), so these certificates cost you more further down the line. 

    Also, the majority of the time, you will not receive a custom domain name. This means your website address will be something like: – this certainly doesn’t give your website a professional look! 

    So, by the time you have created your website and fallen in love with it, all of these other fees come into play which you then feel obliged to pay out! 

    In fact, on one comparison we did, we found that compared to the advertised cost one website builder was offering, the user would have to pay an extra £120 to get the website to a good standard!

    One of the biggest costs that are often overlooked when building a ‘free’ website, is your time! 

    Building a website can be awfully time consuming; especially when you have little or no experience in doing so. In fact, many people building their own website can spend between 2 to 3 days building their website from scratch.  Just imagine that for a moment; sitting in front of a computer for 3 days, scratching your head trying to get your website to the standard you have been hoping for! 

    Plus; my guess is that you are building a website for your business, right? So, can you really afford to take 3 days out of your business? Can you really lose three days of work to build a website?

    And just for a moment, let’s take into account the quality of work you could be able to achieve when you build your own website. 

    Every page on your website needs to be optimised for search engines (or SEO for short). Everyone’s main aim is to get on to the first page of Google, or Bing, and having a good knowledge of SEO is the key to obtaining that first page honour!

    Professional Website Building

    So – let’s quickly take a look at the pricey experts!! Once again, a quick look online has taken us to page upon page of website builders all quoting way over £1000 for a full website design package! 

    Each package we can see advertised are littered full of buzz words, and complicated terms which to the experts make sense, but to the average buyer can be very confusing and many people never know truly what it is they are buying!

    Sure, a website is vitally important for your business; but is it really worth paying over the odds for?

    The Sliced Reality Option

    So, how much does it cost to build a website?

    Sliced Reality was founded in 2018, and our whole ethos since day one has been to offer an affordable and yet professional option for those who want a great looking, responsive, and easy to find website. We set out to become an alternative option for people looking to build their own website.

    We do not offer any hidden costs, we do not withhold any options to charge you later down the line; you know exactly what you are going to get, and what you are going to get!

    For just a one-off price of £175, we can offer you the website you deserve. Sliced Reality can design, build, and host your website (put your website somewhere safe where people can find it) all for a one-off fee.

    Sliced Reality can do all of the hard work for you! You will not have to spend three days working on your website and feeling lost. All we need is an hour of your valuable time so that we can build the website to your requirements, and we do the hard work for you.

    Plus, with our expert eyes, we can make sure your website is optimised perfectly for your potential customers to come and find your website.

    Going back to the title of this article; how much does it cost to build a website UK? It can be VERY expensive, and VERY time consuming – especially when building a website through a ‘free’ website builder.

    However, Sliced Reality can offer you the chance to have your very own website at an affordable price, and without taking up your valuable time.

    Be sure to come and find us at and start your journey towards a great looking website today!

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