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In this article, we share a live dashboard update of the Wix Problems today, and the past few days.  From speaking to our customers, we also give a general overview of issues our customers report from their past experience using Wix.  We even take a look at the current status from our live dashboard snapshot.

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    Live WIX Problems Today - Live DasHBOARD

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    What is the problem with Wix ?

    If you are new to Wix, there are a few points to remember.  Wix is a web development platform which allows you to create websites by using drag and drop options.

    You receive your Wix Login and you have access to features such as ecommerce and contact forms which visitors to your website can use. 

    Anyone can use Wix to create a website as you don’t need to worry about coding, and you can choose from the huge number of templates which are already made, or you can start from scratch. Sounds great right?

    WIX Plans

    Well, unfortunately it’s not all roses around the Wix garden.  Let’s look at the Wix plans and tools, and how Wix troubleshooting is often left down to you to contact Wix Support via Wix Twitter.

    Wix’s plans start out quite cheap but the cheaper plans mean that your website must have adverts displayed for which you have no control over – sometimes not related to your content, and even worse, sometimes adverts from your competitors. 

    Wix starter plans also do not include SSL (making your website secure) and do not include a domain name – having a website called thecoffeeshop.wix.com does not look that great, and it is not secure.!

    You could buy the more expensive pricing plans, but this soon adds up and means that you will be paying even more money and time than you would if you used Sliced Reality to design, build and host your website.  

    Wix would charge you £182 for the same package you could buy from Sliced Reality for £179.99 – and Sliced Reality actually build the website for you.

    Wix Problems Today (and Tomorrow)

    Moreover, most Wix problems today are often reported to be with hosting issues and logging in. These issues are the ones which are reported most by Wix’s customers and they can have the biggest impact. As a result, you will lose traffic (the amount of people who visit your website) which could be vital for your website.  

    Another problem with Wix is actually their main selling point – the drop and drag builder system. This is because even though you can place different elements (an example of an element would be a text box or a search bar) wherever you want, it will still take time to get everything right and have it the way you wanted it. 

    This isn’t the biggest issue as you can still create the website you imagined, but it takes a lot longer than you think.  Not to mention a hassle and incredibly frustrating. 

    One big frustration we hear about is the fact that a “lock feature” isn’t available on Wix, this means that you could literally place elements anywhere you want on the website. Sounds great at first, but this could become very annoying when you want to align certain parts of your website with each other.

    Is there an alternative to wix?

    Yes, of course there are plenty of other services similar to Wix such as Weebly, Godaddy and Squarespace.

    However,  just like Wix, all of them require your time to build your own website.

    They require a degree of learning how a website should look and feel, and you will need to know certain terminology which can be very confusing.  

    And of course do not forget, Wix, Weebly, Godaddy and Squarespace all have hidden extras.  Have a look at our comparison chart here to see what we mean.

    Is there an easier way?

    Yes.  Using a website design and development company will save you time and money in the long run.

    Here at Sliced Reality, we  will do everything for you.

    This means that you don’t need to be bothered and get annoyed with the long and tedious process of creating a website.

    We will create the website you want.  You only need to give us a little bit of information, this includes an overview of you, your hobby or company, a few pictures, and any ideas you have in mind for your website.

    This will take about one hour of your own time and then we will take care of everything, unlike most website builders where you need to waste so much of your time trying to create your website, time which can be better spent doing something much more productive, such as marketing your company or even having a cup of tea!

    Our basic Web Hosting package costs just £175, and to have the same options on Wix would cost you £182.

    With Wix you have to do all the building yourself which could take days out of your life.  

    With Sliced Reality, all you need to give us is one hour of your time for a quick call to discuss your requirements.

    What about SSL, a Domain name and email?

    Relax, they are all included. 

    Our basic web design package includes hosting (this is where your website will live), a domain name of your choice (what your website will be called), an SSL certificate (this is the ‘HTTPS’ you see before some websites domain names in the address bar, it means the website is secure), and you will also get your own email address. 

    Will all know the buzz words and that SEO helps you rank your website higher in search engines so more people can find it easily.  With all our packages, your website is built with SEO in mind and is optimised for Google and all other search engines. 

    You can get all of this for £175, but if you use Wix, then you will have to pay £182 for the exact same thing. So, why would you pay more for the same thing?

    Will you Help me?

    Of course.  We like to build relationships with our customers and are at the end of the telephone (or we can meet in person if you prefer).

    Sliced Reality prides itself on better customer service, so your problems will be solved as soon as possible.

    And, by the way,  at Sliced Reality, we have complete control over the design of the website, and proactively monitor your website, this is something that website builders do not give you.  As a result, we can deal with any issues your website might face.

    At Sliced Reality we pride ourselves on using simple, easy to understand language to help you.   We do not try to baffle you with technical jargon to confuse you.  

    Some other web design companies use jargon in at attempt to charge you more.  

    Do not worry about SEO, DNS, HTML, Hosting, TLD, WordPress and the vast web jargon. Let Sliced Reality take care of that for you.

    Sliced Reality was founded in 2018 and offers customers an alternative to building their own website using website building services such as Wix and Squarespace.

    Sliced Reality designs, builds, and hosts your website for you, so you don’t need to worry about creating anything yourself, as the work will be done for you.

    Everything you need to know will be explained to you by Sliced Reality in a simple and easy way.

    Our Final Thoughts

    To conclude, using Sliced Reality is a more cost-effective method of creating your website as well as everything else that a website needs to function such as hosting and maintenance.

    Sliced Reality will take care of your needs and make sure that you get the website that you want, with minimal effort on your side.

    Moreover, Sliced Reality offers personal customer service, so if you come across an issue that you cannot fix, we will deal with it for you.

    Compared to Wix, you are getting a much better deal with Sliced Reality.  However, don’t just  our word for it.    We leave you with this video from our friend Tony Guo at Guttulus Digital Marketing Agency.  You can watch more of Tony’s videos here.  In this video, Tony discusses his thoughts and shares his option on Wix. 

    So, how do we measure up against WixGoDaddy and SquareSpace?