Your Website made easy

We will design, create and host your website. Simple. 

Looking for an alternative to WIX ?  Fed Up with Godaddy? Annoyed with Weebly?

Have you always wanted a website but not been sure where to start? Have you tried the annoying “free” website builders from the likes of GoDaddy, Wix and SquareSpace but not quite sure of how to do it?

All you need to worry about is giving us an overview of you, your hobby or your company, a few photos (or we can take them for you), and your thoughts of what you would like to achieve from a website and we will take care of the rest. 

Do not worry about SEO, DNS, HTML, Hosting, TLD, WordPress and the vast web jargon – let Sliced Reality take care of that for you.

Our packages include placing your website on our own servers so the rest of the world can see it (also know as hosting) – this means we have total control of the configuration of the entire site. No “free” website builders give you that control.

We also register a name for your site so it can easily be found (also know as a domain name – the www. part).

We cut out the buzz words and myths of website creation by a simple, honest and affordable approach.  Been quoted £1000’s for your website? You have been lied to. 

Alternative to Wix

The Alternative to WIX

Look what is included as standard on all packages

SEO for Google and Bing

Be Found

All our websites are built to be Google, Bing and all other search engine friendly (also known as SEO). Your website will be found quickly and easily.

Website Design

Clean design

Some website designers are more interested in showing off their design skills rather than promoting what their client’s actually want. We focus on selling your business not our design skills.

Designed for all devices

All Devices

82% of web traffic is via mobile devices. Our websites work just as well on iPhone, Andriod, iPad, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, PC and Mac. We would even have them working on an etch-a-sketch if we could.

How we compare

Not all offers are what they seem.  Self build “free” website builders may sound like a good idea, however when you look at the detail, they have lots of hidden extras.  Our first row shares the total real cost of our competitors when you add options such as a secure website, a domain name and personal email – be careful being caught out by hidden costs.

What price do you put on your time?  Many business make the mistake of using self build websites for their business, only to find later they spend £100’s if not £1000’s on their own time learning how to use the software and not creating a website which is optimised for their needs.

Actual Cost
(with all options)
£179.88 £182 £178 £175
Secure Website
Email Account
Domain Name
Fully Managed and Updated
You are on your own

You are on your own

You are on your own

We look after everything
Amount of YOUR Time Required 2 - 3 days 1 - 2 days 2 - 3 days 1 Hour
Ease Of Setup Very Difficult
Self Taught
Self Taught
Very Difficult
Self Taught
We Build For You
Search Engine Ready
Mobile Ready
Lowest Annual Advertised Cost
(without essential options and you doing all the hard word)
£59.88 £102 £120 £175

If you have ANY questions regarding our packages, please CONTACT US and we will be more than happy to discuss them in more detail with you.