wix editor not loading ?

A common problem we hear about at Sliced Reality is from Wix customers reporting issues with the annoying Wix interface, and in particular, the Wix editor not loading.

Indeed, a simple Google Search gives the following top search results:

“wix editor not working in chrome”
“wix website not loading”
“why can’t i edit my wix website”
“wix editor freezing”
“wix editor won’t load”

wix editor not loading

This is common problem and from our research there is not much support out there to help you.  Looking at the Wix support pages, you are simply told it is a local issue and asked to follow a few steps to resolve the issue yourself.

They say “If you are unable to open the Editor, it’s usually a local issue which you can resolve by yourself 

In this post we share the Wix suggested fixes, and fixes tried and tested from other sources.  We also offer some alternatives which could help you.

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    Wix support suggested next steps

    So, what do Wix suggest to fix the “wix editor not loading” issue?  Here are the steps they ask you to complete:

    • Try another Browser
    • Trying “incognito” mode
    • Upgrading your browser
    • Connecting to another network
    • And more worryingly, trying another computer (!)

    Do they work?

    Now, from our testing after we followed the “wix editor not loading” help pages, some of the above step have fixed the issue, but most did not.  

    The most worrying aspect is Wix Customer Support asking customers to complete steps which could cause even more issues, such as upgrading a browser. 

    Of course you should keep software up to date, however you need to very careful because you could break something else, like your online shopping carts.   Here at Slice Reality, we suggest you only do this as a last resort.

    And by the way, who has “another computer” laying around to try to testing this issue on?  And why should it be down to you, the paying customer, to have to try the above steps?

    Another way?

    At Sliced Reality we can take all this pain away for you.

    There is no need for you to worry about fixing these issues as we take care of the build and design for you. Therefore, we do not even need to use “friendly” online editors to build your website.

    Hold on you say, surely this will cost me more money? Well, simply put, no.

    Let’s take our basic Web Design package which includes Hosting (the place where we put your website for the world to see). A Domain name (the www. part). An SSL certificate (making your website secure) all done for you.  As a result, you get a full package at a better price.

    Our basic Web Hosting package costs just £179.99, and to have the same options on Wix would cost you £182.

    With Wix you have to do all the building yourself which could take days out of your life.  

    With Sliced Reality, all you need to give us is one hour of your time for a quick call to discuss your requirements.

    Other ways to fix the wix editor not loading issue

    Other support advice we have found to fix the wix editor not loading issue, not directly from Wix, give some more worrying resolution steps. These are listed below, and we have added our concerns with these steps:

    A support site provided via Zendesk Support suggests the following options;

    • Open another Editor from another Wix site – If you don’t have another site, please go to the Templates page of Wix.com and try to edit a new template.   Our thoughts: A good idea, but what if this works? You still cannot edit your main site which you have spent hours creating.
    • Check any Antivirus and Firewall software – This may be blocking the Editor from opening. Temporarily disable them (for 2-3 minutes) and try to open the Editor.  Our thoughts: This is a big no no, the reason you could be having problems with the wix editor not loading is because of a browser hijacking attempt, you disable your anti-virus and hey presto, your computer is infected.
    • Disable all browser extensions – Please disable all the extensions you have enabled in one of the browsers and try to open the Editor.  Our thoughts:  This is unlikely to fix the issue (it didn’t help in any of our tests) and can also lead to future issue, especially if you forget to switch the extensions back on.

    In our testing, the above three steps did not fix the wix editor not loading issue, you might have more luck, however we urge you to use extreme caution with disabling your anti-virus as it is just no worth the risk in our opinion.

    Still cannot get it working?

    Did you know Slice Reality have a Digital Repair Service?  We can give your current Wix site a total overhaul for you and fix any issue you have.  We have over 15 years’ experience building web sites and fixing web sites, so there are no issues we have not seen before.  

    Do you have a 404 Error? Or is your page not loading on mobile as you planned?   Our Digital Repair Service can re-vitalise your Wix website for you.

    Our Digital Repair Service is priced based on your issue, so we can guarantee value for money.  We do not charge a standard diagnostic charge (similar to a tradesman “call out” charge) that many other Web Design companies do.  

    If you would like more information, simply click here to find out more.

    At Sliced Reality we pride ourselves on using simple, easy to understand language to help you.   We do not try to baffle you with technical jargon to confuse you.  

    Some other web design companies use jargon in at attempt to charge you more.  

    Do not worry about SEO, DNS, HTML, Hosting, TLD, WordPress and the vast web jargon. Let Sliced Reality take care of that for you.

    Alternatively, instead of fixing your Wix website, we can create your website from scratch.  

    All our packages include total design and build of your website. A domain name and an SSL Certificate. We also place your website on our own servers (also known as hosting). This means we have total control of the configuration of the entire site.  Wix cannot offer you this.   

    At Sliced Reality, we have total control over design, no “free” website builders give you that control.

    Most of all, we use our time to build your website so you do not use your valuable time.  

    All we ask for is a one hour of your time for a telephone consultation where we discuss your website requirements and we get building.  

    Included in our standard package is Hosting (the place where we put your website for the world to see). A Domain name (the www. part). An SSL certificate (making your website secure) and a personal email address linked to your domain.

    Our Final Thoughts

    As we wrap up this post, we wanted to leave you with a video from our friend Tony Guo at Guttulus Digital Marketing Agency.  You can watch more of Tony’s videos here.

    In this video, Tony discusses his thoughts and shares his option on Wix. 

    Tony rightly points out that if you are serious about your website, Wix is probably not your best option.   Not only does it come with the issues we mention in this post, you DO NOT own your website with Wix.

    So, how do we measure up against WixGoDaddy and SquareSpace?